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PACC is the national non-profit, non-partisan, non-governmental association in Canada that is dedicated to Privacy and Access to Information across the public sector and private sectors.

PACC provides members with valuable opportunities to learn, connect and share with colleagues across the access, privacy, data governance and compliance community.

PACC is also the certifying body representing leadership and excellence in information privacy, access to information, and data governance.

The Privacy and Access Council of Canada is proud to be a trusted voice for access and privacy in Canada.

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Responsive to the Community

People across the country look to PACC and its members for reliable and practical knowledge about individual and organizational rights and responsibilities. We encourage an open exchange of ideas and knowledge to help advance individual and corporate understanding and compliance.

Whether you are an access or privacy professional in the public sector or the private sector, a lawyer, a human resources professional, or a member of the public who is interested in access to information and protection of privacy, we know you might have questions about your rights and responsibilities, and about public policy surrounding access to information and information privacy in Canada. We have answers.