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2018 National Privacy & Data Governance Congress


The Privacy and Access Council of Canada is an independent, member-based, non-profit, non-partisan and non-governmental national professional association.

PACC’s overarching objective is to help privacy, access, and data protection professionals succeed in their work by providing them with forums for professional development, the exchange of new ideas, and networking; and giving voice to issues that affect their success.

  • PACC advances awareness of Access to Information, Protection of Privacy, Data Protection and Information Governance through advocacy, training, and professional certification.
  • PACC promotes ethical and sound privacy, access, and data governance practice, policies, and legislation.
  • PACC provides relevant education, training and professional development.

PACC’s growing membership — from the public, private, and non-profit sectors — represents a cross-section of the many disciplines involved in data protection including privacy, access, compliance, law, security, ethics, academia and public policy.

  • PACC represents members who deal with any of Canada’s privacy and access laws and regulations.
  • PACC members represent organizations in governments at all levels, public bodies and Crown corporations; industrial, insurance, and financial companies; small, medium and large businesses and consulting firms; trade and professional associations; law enforcement agencies; educational and healthcare institutions; as well as legal and accounting firms.

PACC is the voice for privacy and access in Canada, and is uniquely positioned to effect change to strengthen the profession and uphold the highest standards of practice. PACC speaks on behalf of its members but neither represents nor advocates on behalf of individuals.

  • PACC has presented to various government committees on proposed legislative and public policy changes at the federal, provincial/territorial, and municipal levels.
  • PACC members adhere to a Code of Conduct, and believe that good privacy, access and governance practices contribute to an organization’s ability to create value, be accountable, and meet legislated compliance requirements.
  • PACC acts as an advisory body to professional and industry associations, government agencies, and other groups.
  • PACC provides updates on regulatory requirements, enforcement and outcomes; hosts conferences; conducts media interviews; and offers a range of opportunities for members and the public to have a voice in the course that access and privacy take across our great nation.

PACC is the certifying body representing leadership and excellence in information privacy, access to information, and data governance.

  • PACC certification is relevant to privacy and access; is applicable to the private, public, and non-profit sectors throughout the country; and is not an exam-based program.
  • PACC offers an established and credible certification program based upon defined national standards of competence, professionalism, and proficiency
  • PACC certification relies on an unbiased qualification process founded upon three pillars of demonstrable skill + experience + education relevant to the many interrelated aspects of data protection.

PACC is a trusted voice for access and privacy in Canada
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