Year: 2016

Cybercrime is a Growth Industry

How often have you marveled at a child’s cleverness? They quickly catch on to new concepts — whether how to dress their latest doll, ride a bike, or use their parent’s cellphone or tablet. The newfound skills are acquired and

PACC to Participate in the Canadian Cybersecurity Alliance

The Privacy and Access Council of Canada (PACC) will be participating in the Canadian Cybersecurity Alliance (CCA) / Alliance canadienne sur la cybersécurité (ACC). The CCA-ACC (originally initiated as the Inter-Association Working Group on Cyber Security – IAWGCS) is a

Biometric Bonanza or Boondoggle

First it was passwords, then two factor authentication that promised to be the ultimate form of data protection. Then came fingerprint scanners as the new and improved security mechanism. And now comes word that iris scans will become the standard

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The Motive Behind the Madness

Security industry estimates indicate that it costs $100 per person for notification/remediation about a data breach. Add to that the beneficial economic spinoffs from consulting fees, credit monitoring fees, and Identity Theft Insurance premiums, tuition fees to teach a new

PACC Fellowship Award Winners Announced

Data protection champions Pippa Lawson and Elizabeth Denham have been named PACC Fellowship Award winners for 2016. “I’m delighted that the Privacy and Access Council of Canada has bestowed Fellowship Awards upon two of the most accomplished members of the

Senator James Cowan — on Genetic Privacy

Speaking Notes for Senator Cowan National Privacy and Data Governance Congress Calgary, March 30, 2016 It is a pleasure to be here for this very important and timely Congress.  I want to thank the organizers for inviting me to participate,