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PACC works hard to ensure that you have real, practical, and relevant options about issues that matter to you, your career, and your life. We help you navigate the complex journey of issues that affect privacy and lawful access to information held by governments and industry.

As non-profit organization, our work is sustained by members and concerned Canadians who share our vision and commitment, and who take an active role in improving awareness about privacy and access rights and responsibilities, which in turn supports the freedom and democracy Canadians enjoy.

Many like-minded Canadians have reason to fear retribution for voicing their views, and turn to PACC as their voice for privacy and access.

Your support is vital to sustain and grow PACC. Without YOUR support, the organization and its educational programs couldn’t survive and grow. There are a number of ways to contribute: from donating money and resources to sharing your time and expertise.

Every contribution makes a difference. Donate money via PayPal or by sending a cheque payable to PACC.

Some of the work that PACC does might be considered advocacy, which could keep PACC from qualifying for charitable status—so we cannot issue tax receipts.

Modest monthly donations provide consistent support that allows PACC to be Canadians’ voice of privacy and access. Your monthly contributions will be put to immediate use, making sure that urgent issues can be addressed as they become known. An automatic monthly pledge — made in small, affordable installments — is one of the most efficient ways that you can support PACC.

Support the PACC today and let your voice be heard!


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