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2021-2022 Annotated Ontario Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Acts Legislation, Privacy, Privacy Law David Goodis
Big Data, Civil Liberties, Cybersecurity, Legislation, Surveillance John Ferris
Blacked Out — Alasdair Roberts Access to Information, Legislation, Public Policy Alasdair Roberts
Determann's Field Guide to Data Privacy Law Legislation, Privacy Law Lothar Determann
Big Data, Ethics, Governance, Legislation, Privacy Practice, Security Katherine O'keefe, Daragh O Brien
Fundamentals of Privacy & FOI Access to Information, Legislation, Privacy, Privacy Law Ashlee Barber, Marc-Aurèle Racicot, Michel Drapeau
Artificial Intelligence, Civil Liberties, Ethics, Health, Legislation, Privacy Law, Technology Benjamin Ballard, Amanda Cutinha, Christopher Parsons
Legislation, Privacy Law Danielle Olofsson
Big Data, Civil Liberties, Legislation, Privacy Practice, Security Sunil Soares
Politics of Personal Information Legislation, Surveillance Larry Frohman
The Privacy Prescription Big Data, Health, Legislation, Privacy Law, Surveillance Jacqueline Kimmel
Cybersecurity, Legislation, Privacy Law Alan Charles Raul
We See It All Artificial Intelligence, Civil Liberties, Legislation, Privacy Law, Surveillance, Technology Jon Fasman
We, the Robots? Artificial Intelligence, Ethics, Legislation, Privacy Law Simon Chesterman
Weak Privacy, Weak Procurement: The State of Facial Recognition in Canada - Yuan Stevens & Ana Brandusescu Civil Liberties, Legislation, Public Policy, Surveillance Yuan Stevens, Ana Brandusescu