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A Matter of Facts Access to Information, Records Management, Technology Dr. Laura A. Millar
Book Cover. Between Truth and Power Law, Privacy, Public Policy, Technology Julie E. Cohen
Artificial Intelligence, Privacy, Surveillance, Technology Brett Scott
Book Cover Big Data, Privacy, Technology Viktor Mayer-schönberger
Group Privacy: New Challenges Of Data Technologies Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Privacy, Privacy Law, Technology Linnet Taylor
Big Data, Technology ARTICLE 19
Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Privacy Law, Surveillance, Technology Ari Ezra Waldman
Artificial Intelligence, Civil Liberties, Ethics, Health, Legislation, Privacy Law, Technology Benjamin Ballard, Amanda Cutinha, Christopher Parsons
Privacy is Hard Big Data, Privacy Practice, Technology Jaap-Henk Hoepman
Profit over Privacy Big Data, Surveillance, Technology Matthew Crain
Raising Humans in a Digital World Ethics, Privacy, Surveillance, Technology Diana Graber
System Error - Where Big Tech Went Wrong and How we can Reboot Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Ethics, Surveillance, Technology Rob Reich, Mehran Sahami, Jeremy M. Weinstein
Technology is Not Neutral - Stephanie HARE Big Data, Ethics, Privacy, Technology Stephanie Hre
The Darkest Web Technology Eileen Ormsby
The Panoptic Sort: A Political Economy of Personal Information Big Data, Ethics, Technology Oscar Gandy Jr.
The Unseen Teen Privacy, Surveillance, Technology Ananda Lenhart & Kelliw Owens