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Behind The Enigma: The Authorized History of GCHQ, Britain’s Secret Cyber-intelligence Agency
Author: John Ferris Category: Big Data, Civil Liberties, Cybersecurity, Legislation, Surveillance Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Published: 2020 ISBN: 9781635574654 Pages: 848 Buy/Download

The definitive history of GCHQ, one of the world”s most tight-lipped intelligence agencies, written with unprecedented access to classified archives.

Based on unprecedented access to documents in GCHQ’s archive, many of them hitherto classified, this is the first book to authoritatively explain the entire history of one of the world”s most potent intelligence agencies. Many major contemporary conflicts-between Russia and the West, between Arab nations and Israel, between state security and terrorism-become fully explicable only in the light of the secret intelligence record. Written by one of the world”s leading experts in intelligence and strategy, Behind the Enigma reveals the fascinating truth behind this most remarkable and enigmatic of organisations.

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