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Cybersecurity for Everyone

 Author: David B. Skillicorn  Category: Cybersecurity, Governance, Security  Publisher: CRC Press, Boca Raton  Published: 2020  ISBN: 9781003124030  Pages: 102

Cyberspace is a critical part of our lives. Although we all use cyberspace for work, entertainment, and social life, much of its infrastructure and operation is invisible to us. We spend a big part of our lives in an environment that is almost an essential service but is full of potential dangers: a place where criminals can commit new kinds of crimes, where governments can exert political pressure, and where we can be hurt by the unthinking actions of the bored and careless.

Making cyberspace more secure is one of the challenges of our times. This is not only (or perhaps even primarily) a technical challenge. It requires actions by governments and businesses to encourage security whenever possible, and to make sure that their own actions do not undermine it. Unfortunately, many of those in a position to do something about cybersecurity do not have the background to understand the issues fully. Cybersecurity for Everyone will help by describing the issues in a way that is accessible to anyone, but especially those from non-technical backgrounds.