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Teams that Work

 Author: Scott Tannenbaum and Eduardo Salas  Category: Management  Publisher: Oxford University Press  Published: 2020  ISBN: 9780190056964  Pages: 280

Why do some teams thrive, while others struggle? If you are a team leader, team member, senior leader, or consultant, you need to know what really drives team effectiveness. Many books and consultants offer advice about teamwork based on opinion or conjecture. Some of that advice is useful, but much of it is overly simplistic or even misleading. Fortunately, a growing body of research is now available with which to separate the myths from the facts. For example, is it possible to “team away” talent deficiencies? Will more frequent communications improve performance? Is a team likely to perform better when members know each other? What do great team members know, do, and think? When and how can conflict be constructive? In Teams That Work, Scott Tannenbaum and Eduardo Salas answer these and other questions about team effectiveness. While reading the book you’ll learn: Eleven desirable team member competencies and three traits you’ll want to avoid; Four cooperative beliefs that consistently impact team effectiveness; Four coordination behaviors that you’ll want your teams to demonstrate; Eight types of shared cognitions team members need to possess; A dozen conditions that enable collaboration; and seven essential team leadership functions. The book culminates with specific, evidence-based tips along with tangible tools for putting the science of teamwork into practice.