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The Law of Privacy, 3rd Edition

 Author: Michael Power  Category: Privacy Law  Publisher: LexisNexis  Published: 2021  ISBN: 9780433505891

Privacy can be a difficult concept to grasp. It is highly contextual with a fluidity that poses legal and ethical challenges for individuals, business organizations and even government institutions. Nonetheless, privacy concerns are becoming increasingly important in today’s information-gathering society and there has been extraordinary growth in the law of privacy in the last two decades.

Author Michael Power is a leading authority on Canadian privacy law and issues concerning the protection of personal information. The Law of Privacy, 3rd Edition is a comprehensive treatise providing a thorough overview of Canadian privacy law and includes two main sections:

  • Personal Information Protection in Canada – Legislation and statutes; the meaning of “personal information”; the collection, use and management of personal information in the public, private and health sectors; security and breach notification; borders and boundaries; and enforcement
  • Privacy – Common law and arbitral decisions; privacy and the Charter; privacy in Canadian tort law; criminal law; and employment

The Law of Privacy, 3rd Edition also clarifies how Canada’s privacy laws affect three important entities across three different sectors:

  • Public sector “institutions” (which include the police in a Charter context)
  • Private sector “organizations” subject to personal information protection statutes
  • Health sector “custodians”

This book also features a helpful annex that provides guidance on how to manage personal information, including how to build privacy management frameworks and the privacy issues that must be addressed in outsourcing and procurement.