The PACC Professional Certification Program sets the standard of excellence for the access and privacy profession. 

To become certified, practitioners must meet important eligibility requirements that are rigorously validated by subject matter experts from across Canada.

Only the most deserving can attain PACC Professional Certification by providing satisfactory evidence of skill, experience, and education to be a competent access and privacy professional.

The PACC Certification Program is Canada’s only nationally recognized credential relevant to access and privacy practitioners in the public and private sectors that:

  • Relies on a rigorous and unbiased qualification process founded upon demonstrable skill, experience, and education
  • Defines, recognizes and promotes ethical, high quality and competent access and privacy practice
  • Encourages continued personal and professional growth in the practice of privacy, access, and data governance
  • Requires adherence to a Code of Ethical Principles and Professional Conduct


PACC Professional Certification was the first national professional certification program in Canada that:

  • Recognized competence of access and privacy professionals in the private and public sectors
  • Was developed by Canada’s access and privacy professionals for Canada’s access and privacy professionals, with guidance from the Canadian National Certification Advisory Board and support from Canada’s Information and Privacy Commissioners, Ombudsmen, and Review Officers
  • Was based upon National Competency Standards
  • Is consistent with ISO/IEC 17024:2003 — Principles and requirements for a body certifying persons against specific requirements
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PACC Professional Certification is valid for three years.
Recertify before your certification lapses.
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Employers and colleagues know that only the most well-qualified and experienced succeed in attaining an AAPP, CAPP or MAPP designation.

AAPP, CAPP and MAPP holders — Be proud of your achievement! Include your professional designation in your signature block.

Use of PACC Logo

Individual use of the PACC logo (on items such as business cards, web sites, marketing or promotional materials) is not permitted because it can imply endorsement or affiliation on PACC’s behalf of that person’s products or services. 

Use of AAPP, CAPP & MAPP Designations

Individuals who attain PACC certification are authorized to use the appropriate AAPP, CAPP, or MAPP designation after their name (e.g. Ann A. Belle, MAPP) throughout the validity of their certification.