CheckMeeting National Standards

A vital element of Professional Certification is knowing that training programs meet high standards and offer content that is relevant to privacy and access professionals in Canada — and to employers who look for well qualified candidates.

Training providers and post-secondary institutions that seek and are granted accreditation status agree to uphold the quality standards set out in PACC’s Professional Certification and Accreditation Standards, and agree to periodically submit to accreditation renewal review.

As part of the accreditation process, PACC assists organizations and post-secondary institutions to develop courses and programs that meet high standards of quality and effectiveness.

To begin the accreditation process, email Certification_at_PACC-CCAP_dot_ca

Training for ATIP coordinators has been the subject of a number of reports on access to information law reform. ATIP coordinators should be required to have extensive training and be certified pursuant to national standards.” Report of the Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics

“There is currently no mandatory staff training on access to information in federal institutions, despite the high payoff in terms of raising awareness about the Act and improving processing of access to information requests.” Information Commissioner of Canada Special Report to Parliament

Conferences, seminars and workshops may be recognized and considered as part of the education hours required for PACC Professional Certification.

PACC maintains a list of recognized and accredited Courses and Programs, which includes independent learning events.

If you are uncertain whether the conference or seminar you wish to attend is accredited, inquire at Certification(at)

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