The world of Information Privacy and Access-to-Information is changing quickly with new technologies, laws, and expectations. To ensure continuous competence and knowledge development, PACC Associate, Chartered and Master certification holders must recertify every three years.

Recertification also entitles certified professionals to continue referring to their professional designation (AAPP, CAPP, MAPP).

PACC certification is valid for a three-year term.

To verify if a person’s AAPP, CAPP, or MAPP designation is valid and current, contact certification_at_pacc-ccap_dot_ca

The Recertification Process

Recertification is a straightforward process that includes demonstrating that:

  • You are actively practicing in the profession
  • Your Continuing Professional Development activities have met or surpassed the required minimums
  • You continue to be a PACC member in good standing
  • You have met the other requirements outlined in the Certification Handbook

To start the recertification process, members can log in and then complete and submit a Recertification Reporting Form together with the required fee. If you cannot log in or download the form, your membership might have lapsed. Contact membership_at_pacc-ccap_dot_ca to verify your membership status.

Recertification shows that:

  • You have met your commitment to keeping current on laws, practices, standards, methodologies, terminology and technology relevant to Information Privacy and Access-to-Information
  • You are committed to the acquisition of new knowledge relevant to Information Privacy and Access-to-Information
  • You are continuing to build familiarity with contemporary and emerging topics, issues and regulatory requirements relevant to Information Privacy and Access-to-Information in the public and private sectors in Canada

Inactive Status

If you are unable to renew due to personal or professional reasons, you may request (before your certification expires) that your certification be declared inactive, which would give you a three-year window in which to pursue your certification renewal.

The (non-refundable) fee to apply for inactive status is $150.

Conditions of inactive status:

  • available for one three-year term only
  • becomes active the day after your certification term ends
  • means relinquishing the use of your credential until your certification is reactivated

Reactivating your credential

You can reinstate your certification status at any time during the three-year inactive term  by meeting the renewal eligibility requirements in effect at the time you apply for reinstatement. (You must meet any requirements that change during your inactive period.) To reactivate, submit an online certification renewal application along with the required recertification fee.

Note: When you apply for reinstatement, the renewal eligibility requirements in your application must be from the three-year period before your reactivation date.

To prevent the lapse of your certification credential, be sure to request inactive status and reactivate before the end of the three-year inactive term. If extenuating circumstances hamper reactivation, please contact the PACC certification team at certification_at_pacc-ccap_dot_ca or 877.746.PACC (7222) before your inactive period ends. If your credential lapses, you will have to reapply for certification and meet all eligibility criteria in effect at that time.