Why Pursue Certification?

Businesswoman giving thumbs upThe PACC Professional Certification program sets the standard of excellence for the access and privacy profession.

The changing nature of legislation, regulations, technology and expectations means that ongoing professional development is vital for anyone involved in the privacy and access field — and for the organizations that rely upon them to be efficient and effective.

Attaining PACC certification indicates you have met a rigorous and unbiased qualification process founded upon three pillars of demonstrable skill + experience + education relevant to the interrelated aspects of data protection: information privacy and access to information

Earning a PACC credential — AAPP, CAPP or MAPP — serves to assure organizations that you are:

  • Committed to excellence in information privacy, access to information, and data governance
  • Engaged in ongoing professional development activities to maintain a high level of current knowledge and proficiency
  • Prepared to perform their jobs efficiently and effectively, according to national competency standards
  • Bound by a code of ethical principles and professional conduct

Benefits of PACC Certification

  • Enhances certificate holders’ credibility within their organizations and among their peers
  • Encourages continued personal and professional growth in the privacy and access profession
  • Increases certificate holders’ value to the organization and their success potential
  • Increases stakeholder loyalty to organizations whose personnel are PACC certified

PACC certification is a tangible way to demonstrate your commitment to the privacy and access field while growing professionally.

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