Check back often for updates to this Preliminary Congress Agenda

DAY ONE — Wednesday 5 April 2017
1200 Registration Opens
1300 — 1630 Workshop — Managing a Privacy Breach Jean Eaton, B Admin, CHIM, CC
1300 — 1630 Workshop — Privacy and Impact Assessment Fundamentals • OIPC Alberta
DAY TWO — Thursday 6 April 2017
0700 Registration Opens
0700 — 0800 Networking Time: Breakfast is Served
0800 — 0815 Call to Conference — Congress Emcee — Catherine Ford
Welcome Address — Sharon Polsky MAPP, Privacy & Access Council of Canada
O Canada • Cst. Carlamay Blight, Calgary Police Service
0815 — 0845 Opening Keynote Address • TBD
0845 — 1015 Challenging the Status Quo: Legalizing Active Cyber Defence — Patrick Neal, Doctor of Social Sciences (Candidate), BCIT—Forensic Science & Technology
1015 — 1030 Networking Break
1030 — 1200 Vandals at the Gates – Selected Topics in Cyber Security • Jim Swanson, Partner, Miller Thompson LLP
1030 — 1200 Crafting Clear Cloud-Computing Contracts Ian Thorburn, City of Toronto 
1200 — 1215 Networking Time: Lunch is Served
1215 — 1245 Luncheon Keynote Address — Your Fuelband Knows When You’re Having Sex and Your Rental Car Will Rat You Out:  Urgent Privacy Challenges in the Internet of Things • Dr. Thomas P. Keenan, FCIPS, I.S.P., University of Calgary
1245 — 1445 Balancing Proportionality and Privacy Protection in eDiscovery Crystal O’Donnell, President, Heuristica Discovery Counsel, and Vice-Chair, CanLII
1245 — 1445 Digital Privacy at the Border: Fact or Fable • TBD
1445 — 1500 Networking Break
1500 — 1630 Open By Default: Governments and Open Data Peter McCaffrey, Manning Centre
1500 — 1630 The Privacy Toolkit: Guidance  for Small & Medium Businesses • Michelle Chibba, Strategic Privacy/Policy Advisor | Privacy and Big Data Institute at Ryerson University • Gillian Hrycko
Environmental Programs Manager | Hewlett Packard Enterprise Canada
1630 — 1800 Networking Reception and Book Signing
  DAY THREE — Friday 7 April 2017
0700 — 0800 Networking Time: Breakfast is Served
0800 — 0815 Call to Conference — Congress Emcee Catherine Ford
0815 — 1015 Wearables in the Workplace • Debra Mackinnon and Steve Richardson, Queens University
1015 — 1030 Networking Break
1030 — 1200 Designing Compliance Awareness Programs That Actually Work • Robert Tremonti, Whitecane Management Consultants
1030 — 1200 GDPR and the Death of Privacy Shield • Marc Gagne MAPP, Senior Privacy and Data Advocate, Cyber Intelligence
1200 — 1215 Networking Time: Lunch is Served
1215 — 1230 Fellowship Award Presentation
1215 — 1245 Luncheon Keynote Address — TBD
1245 — 1500 Plenary Session – Regulators’ Roundtable
1500 Closing remarks — Sharon Polsky MAPP, Privacy & Access Council of Canada

Continuing Professional Development Credits

The Congress content provides up to 3 CPD Credits applicable to PACC Professional Certification Law Society of Upper Canada. The content of the Congress may be applicable toward fulfilling 9 Substantive CPD Hours
Law Society of Alberta. The content of the Congress may be applicable toward attaining the goals set out in individual CPD Plans. ISC(2) (ISC)2. The Congress content falls within at least one of the 10 domains of knowledge for the CISSP. Portions of this event may qualify for CPD credits. 
The 2017 National Privacy and Data Governance Congress has been approved for up to 12 hours of CPE credits per IAPP’s CPE policy. ISACA. The 2017 National Privacy and Data Governance Congress may qualify for up to 17 CPE Hours.
Educational content of the National Privacy and Data Governance  Congress may qualify for CPD credits from other organizations as well. Contact your professional or industry association for details.  Law Society of Saskatchewan Logo  The Law Society of Saskatchewan has approved the National Privacy & Data Governance Congress  for 17.0 CPD Hours

The views expressed by the speakers do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of PACC, its Board of Directors or its members. PACC does not guarantee the source, originality, accuracy, completeness or reliability of any statement, information, data, finding, interpretation, advice, opinion, or view presented, nor does it make any representation concerning the same.