Privacy Implications of Connected Cars

“For the automotive industry the emergence of the IoT constitutes a disruptive and transformative environment characterized by value chain and business model upheaval and a ‘collaborate or die’ ecosystem friction reality prompting it to redefine and reinvent itself in order to capitalize on the huge opportunities in the new IoT economy.” Dominique Bonte, ABI Research (June 2014)

“As the technology evolves and more players enter the ecosystem, [the Connected Car] business case continues to evolve as well, with staggering possibilities for car-makers…” Telematics Update (Oct.6, 2014)

“Connectivity is gradually turning the automobile into a highly efficient data harvesting device.” Telematics Update (Oct.6, 2014)

“It’s just really important that we have boundaries and guidelines to operate. Our homes, the cars, everything is going to be on the Internet. Everything’s going to be connected. And so what are the guidelines? What do we want?”  Alan Mullaly, Ford CEO (2014 Detroit Auto Show)

This interactive session will prepare Access and Privacy Professionals

  • To understand when and how telematics-enabled vehicles collect and use personal data;
  • To assess the privacy implications and legal compliance of such data collection, retention, use and disclosure;
  • To propose ways in which the industry and policy-makers can resolve privacy-related challenges.