Eric Lawton MAPP

Eric Lawton MAPP is a privacy specialist with the City of TorontoHe is also a founding member and director of the Privacy and Access Council of Canada, an independent non-profit non-partisan non-governmental national association that represents privacy and access practitioners and certified professionals in the private and public sectors across Canada. 

In his role as Director for PACC, Eric led the development and implementation of Canada’s first certification program for Access and Privacy professionals, which was launched in 2009 under a grandparenting process. Eric created Canada’s first set of certification requirements to be approved by industry leaders in the access and privacy field, and was instrumental in defining the core competencies for the industry in Canada.

Eric specializes in conducting Privacy Impact Assessments on new IT projects, training staff and providing support and advice to senior management on privacy issues, compliance and risk management. He coauthored The Connected Car: Who Is In the Driver’s Seat? for the BC Freedom of Information and Privacy Association (BC FIPA), a research project funded by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.