The Wizards of Oz: Crime, Punishment, and Privacy

Governments around the world have been working to counter offensive online content, and successive Canadian governments have tried to pass legislation to make the internet a safer place for Canadians. Whether it was called lawful access or justified as being necessary to bring streaming services under CRTC oversight, or to protect children or find terrorists, critics assailed the proposals for creating encryption backdoors and undermining privacy.

This informative event will provide candid insights from Mark A. Lane, whose experience navigating the current Australian Legislative Environment are prescient for anyone in jurisdictions contemplating ‘online harms’ or other encryption/privacy-busting legislation.


Date: Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Time: Noon EST

Register by emailing EVENTS at PACC-CCAP dot CA and include your full name and contact information

About Mark A. Lane

Mark’s 40-plus year-long career in information technology has spanned technologies and platforms ranging from Mainframes to Midrange Environments. As a cryptologist, his more recent focus has been the emerging issues of Quantum Computing’s effects on current symmetric encryption methods, to ensure that the security and privacy of data is maintained for the longest possible time, both in situ and in transit.

Mark is the inventor of FooCrypt and FooSteg, Australia’s only Quantum+ Secure / Proof, Cryptography and Steganography Software Solution (commercialized in 2018), and author of `Cryptopocalypse NOW 01 04 2016`, containing an account of his successful litigation against NEC for breaches of the Fair Work Act, along with some insights regarding Cryptography / Steganography and its criminalisation under Australia’s implementation of the Wassenaar Arrangement.

Mark has first-hand experience with complying with Australia’s stringent encryption, privacy, and export control laws — and an in-depth understanding of what encryption backdoors and crime-fighting legislation does to privacy.