PACC takes an active role in representing members’ needs and views about legislation, technology, and public policy issues that can affect privacy, access and data protection rights and practice.

PACC provides impartial guidance and expert opinion to government, regulators, industry, standards bodies, and other constituents who will benefit from its impartial counsel relating to emerging topics relevant to members.

In the past, PACC members have testified before the Senate Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs and the Senate Standing Committee on Transport and Communications; been invited to participate in public policy forums and to provide submissions regarding proposed legislation; prepared submissions to municipal, provincial and federal governments; drafted white papers and comment letters; delivered conference presentations; and organized or been involved in a range of CPD accredited events.

Have Your Say

PACC provides opportunities for members and others to share their insights and perspectives through a variety of information-sharing vehicles.

PACC surveys elicit feedback about issues of current importance to members of Canada’s privacy, access and data protection community. Aggregated results ensure anonymity of survey participants.

PACC’s blog and publications are important outlets to explore topics and issues relevant to access-to-information, privacy, data governance and data protection, and we welcome diverse perspectives for the two primary communication vehicles: the PACC Blog and The Winston Report.

Review the Guest Post Guidelines, Sample Submission Guidelines, and the Submission Guidelines for The Winston Report and ensure that your content aligns with PACC objectives.

Find Your Elected Representative

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