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Our Members

Ensuring individual privacy and access rights depends on a community of professional access and privacy practitioners whose competence, dedication, integrity and professionalism are paramount.

PACC members are among the most experienced and knowledgeable in that community. PACC is where members turn for networking, mentoring, and advantages not available elsewhere.

PACC is where members turn for information, knowledge, and guidance about issues that affect access, privacy, their careers and the profession.

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Our Community

By supporting and inspiring members, PACC provides a valuable foundation for individuals, organizations, and governments across the broader national community.

Look to PACC for accurate and practical knowledge about individual and organizational rights and responsibilities.

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Our Supporters and Sponsors

Supporters and sponsors include those who appreciate how vitally interconnected privacy and access are with democracy and freedom. Some of our most ardent supporters are those whose voice is muzzled because their employment relationship imposes restrictions on their freedom of expression.

As the voice for privacy and access in Canada, PACC is your chance to have your voice heard and make a meaningful impact on the Canadian privacy and access landscape.

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