The Privacy and Access Council of Canada knows how challenging it can be to find worthwhile, practical resource that are relevant to Canada’s unique Access and Privacy landscape.

The PACC operates as a clearinghouse for individuals and the media looking for resources, information, and speakers on issues related to privacy, access-to-information, data protection, and the impacts that emerging laws and technologies have on privacy and access rights and responsibilities.



The Winston Report is now the foremost quarterly journal in Canada that explores privacy and access issues and developments, and trends in law, technology, business, and government.

PACC provides a range of Guidance and Fact Sheets that can be useful to assist you in developing and improving organizational data protection policies, procedures and practices. Many of the resources are also relevant to individuals who wish to improve their own data-related practices.

Speaker and Information Requests

PACC provides speakers to organizations and professional groups interested in exploring the connection between privacy, access-to-information, and corporate governance in the decision-making process of business and other organizations. Contact PACC at info_at_PACC-CCAP_dot_ca for information on available speakers and topics.

We also respond to requests from media, public bodies, and private organizations seeking reliable insights about access, privacy and information governance. Contact PACC at info_at_PACC-CCAP_dot_ca for information on available speakers and topics.

Membership in the PACC will provide you with timely access to all resources available at the Council, as well as the opportunity to share information and knowledge on issues surrounding access and privacy with your peers. Join today.

Contribute to the PACC Resource Library

The PACC Resource library welcomes documents and other material from your organization. If you would like to contribute samples, see the sample submission guidelines or contact us at info_at_PACC-CCAP_dot_ca.

Documents in PACC’s Resource library are generously contributed by members and other privacy, access, compliance and governance professionals in the spirit of peer-to-peer exchange. Others are publicly available on organizational websites.