Privacy Awareness

Privacy is sometimes easier to put into action when we understand how it can affect us personally. Studies have shown that improving privacy awareness is essential to developing a culture in which people take an active role in data protection.

Here’s some ideas to help you improve privacy and information protection:

1. Invite your local law enforcement agency’s Fraud or Commercial Crime unit to give a presentation about identity theft and how to help prevent it.

2. Invite your company’s shredding vendor to donate a large shredding bin so employees can bring in their personal items to shred.

3. Offer employees a one-on-one consultation with a social media manager to review the user settings and privacy settings of any social media accounts the employee uses for personal or work purposes.

4. Hold a “Who Am I?” contest in which employees search their names to discover what’s online about them or other people with the same name.

5. Offer lunch-and-learn seminars with guest speakers to help employees understand privacy-related topics such as Canada’s Ant-Spam Law (CASL).

6. Commit to training all employees about the company’s privacy and data protection policies

7. Attend a PACC-hosted seminar, workshop or conference to learn more about maintaining personal privacy and complying with privacy law.