Administrative Investigations

Every organization will eventually be faced with situations that have the potential to expose sensitive information, jeopardize productivity, breach security, or compromise employee well-being. While an Administrative Investigation typically is initiated as the result of misconduct or suspected misconduct, an investigation may be initiated for any reason.

From Incident Reporting to Terms of Reference to Investigation Planning, it is essential to understand the principles and essential steps that you need to conduct an investigation:

  • What is an Administrative Investigation and what is its role
  • The principles that guide the conduct of the investigation
  • Why (not) conduct an Administrative Investigation
  • How to develop Terms of Reference and an Investigative Plan that will produce the information needed for sound decision making.
  • Natural Justice and the Doctrine of Fairness
  • From Incident Reporting to Terms of Reference to Investigation Planning

Develop a sound plan with clearly articulated policies governing Administrative Investigations — before you think it will be needed. After all, when disaster or privacy breaches occur there is no time to create an effective, credible, or defensible response.