Sample Submission Guidelines

Online Samples

When submitting materials as files to post on the PACC website, please use these guidelines:

  • Save files using clear and descriptive names, such as “Privacy Impact Assessment template” or “Chief Privacy Officer Job Description” or “Privacy Related Org Chart”
  • Email files as attachments to Registrar_at_PACC-CCAP_dot_ca.

When submitting job descriptions and organizational charts:

  • Remove all information from the document that you do not want revealed – including organization names, logos
  • Remove individuals’ names and other personal information that ought not be revealed.
  • Send files ‘unprotected’ with open security settings. PACC may perform basic formatting tasks so the sample conforms to PACC visual standards. Before posting the document online, we will secure the file to prevent alteration.

We welcome links to policies and other documents posted on your organization’s website. Simply email the link to Registrar_at_PACC-CCAP_dot_ca..

Print Samples

When sending print publications and other materials:

  • Enclose the name and email address of someone we can contact if we have any questions.
  • Mail print material to:

PACC Resources
Privacy & Access Council of Canada
Suite 330,, Unit 440, 10816 Macleod Trail SE
Calgary AB  T2J 5N8

We appreciate your contributions to the PACC resource library!